Born out of its founders’ devotion to artificial intelligence, Ultinous started as an R&D company in 2014 focusing on computer vision technology. Since then we became a trusted AI solution provider for a variety of industries, including critical infrastructures, construction, manufacturing, and more. We created the Ultinous AI Suite, a powerful video analytics tool that fulfills our customers’ safety, security and data analytics needs from one single source. Our technology is based on automated video object and motion detection.

In 2024 we joined the Irisity Group – a global leader in the surveillance industry. With Irisity’s expertise and global reach, our solutions will be available to a broader audience, transforming the lives of professionals worldwide. Together, we keep being committed to delivering simple and practical computer vision solutions that help professionals excel every day.



The Ultinous AI suite adds intelligence to your existing camera infrastructure, equipping it with state of the art video analytics. What sets Ultinous apart is that you can get access to advanced security, safety and video data analytics solutions through one single video analytics platform.

Transform your traditional video surveillence with our flexible AI modules and stay ahead in today’s fast-paced market!


Detect unauthorized or suspicious events immediately without human intervention, using your own IP camera feed. Take your physical security system to the next level with our AI-based security features.


Identify safety hazards and shut down machines or issue sound alerts in danger zones – all without human intervention. Integrate AI-based safety features into your existing surveillance system.


Detect false intrusion events automatically and cut down false alarms at 90% accuracy. Experience the power of our image-based screening technology, ensuring scalability and rapid reaction times in your security operations.


Unlock the power of your camera feed with U-Insight. Harness measurable data to make informed safety and security decisions. Leverage advanced video content analysis for efficient forensic investigations.



Predictive Information

Drive informed decisions with video-based intelligence.

Health&Safety applications

Ensure operational excellence with automated H&S solutions.

Open/Hybrid Architecture

Benefit from our cloud and edge solutions without compromising on flexibility

Privacy & Data Security

Take advantage of anonymized data collection and keep your data under your watch.

Reliable analytics for every situation

Elevate security with our advanced analytics tool for high-end systems, even in low bandwidth environments

Enterprise Grade Accuracy

Cut unwanted alarms in real-time by up to 99.5%



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Maximise Safety Without Compromising Data Privacy

Protecting industrial sites is crucial for safeguarding assets and ensuring worker safety.

The Ultinous AI suite offers advanced video analytics technology to detect and prevent potential threats to your facilities in real-time. With the Ultinous AI suite, you can easily control traffic, identify breaches, detect equipment malfunctions, and receive automatic alerts. Plus, with our commitment to data privacy, you can rest assured that no data will leave your premises.

Build a safer environment for your workers and assets today.

Click the link to learn more about securing critical infrastructures.

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Scale Your Business With Smart Security Solutions

As the competition for security services increases and worker shortages persist, it’s essential to optimize alarm monitoring efficiency.

With the Ultinous AI Suite, Security Operations Centers can provide effective 24/7 surveillance and scale their business operations. Detect real-time threats, eliminate false alarms, automate access control, and notify operators of genuine dangers.

Discover how cameras equipped with AI-powered software can help cut costs and maximize your ROI!

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Increase Transportation Efficiency and Safety

Transportation systems can face efficiency challenges like capacity, reliability, integration, and transfer, as well as security risks such as theft and vandalism.

With Ultinous AI Suite, you can monitor and improve everyday transportation. Analyze traffic flows, receive alerts, and prevent accidents, traffic congestion, and violations. What’s more: our privacy mask feature guarantees protection of personal privacy.

Boost your transportation efficiency and safety with Ultinous AI Suite today!

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Secure Your Construction Site

The construction industry faces significant challenges in protecting valuable assets such as vehicles, machinery, and ensuring workforce safety, especially when limited IT infrastructure is available.

The Ultinous AI Suite can help overcome these challenges by monitoring people and vehicle flows on construction sites, detecting unauthorized access or intrusion to the property or hazardous areas, ensuring health and safety compliance through PPE monitoring, and preventing accidents through remote machine control. Even with minimal IT infrastructure, Ultinous AI Suite can provide the necessary tools to ensure the safety and protection of construction sites.

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Prepare Your Airport's Efficiency to Takeoff

Securing airports is a complex task that involves complying with numerous rules and regulations to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers and airport staff.

The Ultinous AI Suite provides advanced surveillance solutions for aviation facilities to address these challenges. With our system, you can monitor people movements, luggages, and other objects to prevent loss or theft and optimize staff deployment based on busy hours. Additionally, our privacy masking feature guarantees the protection of personal privacy.

With the Ultinous AI Suite can also extract video data to support decision making and forensic investigations.

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Smart Surveillance for Safe and Sustainable Cities

Creating efficient, safe, and sustainable urban environments is the ultimate goal of any city. Smart video technology and surveillance play a vital role in achieving this objective.

The Ultinous AI Suite offers advanced surveillance solutions that can help you monitor traffic in real-time, identify traffic violations, prevent accidents, and protect the privacy of your citizens. Our system is compatible with a wide range of cameras and VMS systems, making it easy to adopt artificial intelligence-enabled video analytics into traditional city CCTV systems.

With the Ultinous AI Suite, you can build a smart city that promotes safety and sustainability for all its residents.