How Video Analytics Can Assist a Smart City

As cities around the world become increasingly populated, the need to effectively manage city resources and services is more important than ever. A smart city leverages advanced technology and data analysis to improve the quality of life for citizens, optimize resource usage, and promote economic development. In the last 10 years, the smart initiatives of these highly populated areas have started to increase over the world. In 2021 the European Union has launched a smart city project, named NetZero Cities. Within the project, the EU wants to improve 100 cities’ infrastructure to make them more environmentally friendly and smarter. One technology that has proven to be particularly valuable in this context is video analytics.

Video analytics use advanced algorithms to turn valuable video data into useful insights. In smart cities, video analytics can be used to optimize different services and infrastructure, increase public safety, and generally improve the quality of life of their citizens. Explore some of the use cases of video analytics in a smart city.

Smart Surveillance

Public safety is critical for any city. Video analytics can enhance it by monitoring public areas, detecting potential security threats, and alerting local authorities. With advanced object detection technology, video analytics can recognize suspicious behavior, such as loitering, intrusion, or unattended bags, and immediately alert security operators. These quick alerts improve the response time to potential incidents and reduce the risks of security breaches.

Intelligent Traffic Management

Traffic jams are a common issue in cities all around the world. Video analytics can assist with real-time traffic management, such as detecting and reporting road accidents, monitoring traffic intensity, and optimizing traffic signals to improve flow across the city. It can also spot traffic violations like speeding or ignoring traffic lamps and signals. This helps to reduce congestion and violations and improve the overall transportation experience for citizens.

Waste Management Optimization

Efficient waste management is also a crucial factor when it comes to the overall experience of a city. With the use of video analytics, trash-collecting trucks can be monitored and optimized based on waste volume and traffic patterns. This helps to reduce congestion and improve the efficiency of waste collection services.

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety is a key concern for any city. With video analytics, pedestrian behavior can be monitored, and potential hazards can be detected. For example, video analytics can detect jaywalking or loitering on high-risk or frequently used roads and crosswalks, and authorities can be alerted to take action in case of an emergency.

Building and Infrastructure Monitoring

Maintaining the health and performance of city infrastructure, such as bridges, roads, and buildings, is a critical concern in a city. With the use of video analytics, potential issues can be detected and reported, and maintenance crews can be alerted to take action based on actual traffic.

Public Event Management

Managing public events such as concerts, sports events, and festivals is a significant challenge for a city. With the use of video analytics, security personnel can monitor and manage events more effectively. They can uncover demographic intelligence, analyze the route of the visitors, or detect prohibited behaviors, such as weapon carrying or smoking.

Parking Management

Parking in a city is a hustle, especially in highly populated areas. Video analytics can assist drivers to find parking spots without hours of searching and serve data about a car park’s occupancy. Car parks can also be monitored to prevent illegal activities to improve safety and the overall parking experience.

At Ultinous we believe these video analytics features help cities to enhance their citizens’ everyday lives. Our live and forensic solutions can be used to increase the commuting experience, improve safety for pedestrians and drivers by understanding traffic patterns and hazardous areas and level up public safety without compromising on personal privacy.

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