Empowering Alarm Receiving Centers with AI

Alarm receiving centers (ARCs) are critical components of modern security systems, providing 24/7 surveillance of facilities and properties. They act as central hubs that receive alarm signals from various sensors and cameras placed throughout the premises, allowing security personnel to quickly assess potential threats and take appropriate action.

The Growing Physical Security Market

Due to the increasing demand for smart homes and the need for monitoring services in commercial and industrial sectors, the role of ARCs has become critical. These trends fuel the growth of the global physical security market, which is expected to reach 140 billion dollar revenue in 3 years according to marketsandmarkets.com

False Alarms Hinter Growth

At the same time, false alarms have become a restraining factor for the growth of the physical security market. They disrupt the effectiveness of incident and emergency management solutions, making consumers lose confidence in these solutions. The growing amount of data that is being generated by security cameras makes it even more challenging for security personnel to remove the background noise of a dysfunctional security system and quickly identify genuine threats.

AI Offers A Wave of Unrealized Opportunities 

Blending AI based analytics with surveillance helps security teams to create a proactive, powerful system, which is able to deter crime and avert damage. U-Filter by Ultinous is an advanced and flexible video analytics solution, which integrates seamlessly with any security IT infrastructure. U-Filter uses AI to analyze what’s happening in a camera video footage and cleans out the background noise created by weather changes and harsh weather conditions without the need of human intervention. It also issues an email notification containing the relevant video frames and forwards it a predefined email list. By filtering out false alarms, security teams can get rid of unnecessary callouts plus the related costs and can reestablish trust in the reliability of their security system.

Overcoming High Maintenance Cost

The high maintenance and deployment cost of physical security systems is still a challenge for both ARCs and their clients. For that many small companies deploy low-cost physical security solutions and compromise on security protection. With U-Filter, ARCs do not need to choose between cost and security efficiency. U-Filter uses an image-based analytics that requires minimal bandwidth and makes the system scalable up to 100 cameras. According to real-life trials, U-Filter operates at a 90% efficiency. Read about our case study with Tempest, in which Tempest’s Head of Sales, Janne Rastas claimed the following:

“U-Filter proved to be up to three times more efficient in false alarm filtering than other solutions. We are using U-filter in sharp operation in our Alarm Receiving Centre and the efficiency we expected and hoped for is achieved. About 80% of the alarms, we previously had to deal with are now filtered out. This empowers our team to perform at their best and focus on alarms that really matter.”

In conclusion, Alarm Receiving Centers play a crucial role in modern security systems, and U-Filter can help to improve their capabilities by providing state-of-the-art video analytics and filtering solutions. With U-Filter, ARCs can scale and streamline their operations, improve response times, and ensure that security personnel can focus on the most critical incidents.

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