U-Filter by Ultinous Outperforms Competition in Tempest's 12-month AI-powered Alarm Filtering Trial

In collaboration with InSupport Nätverksvideo AB, Ultinous has partnered with Tempest Security AB (Nasdaq:TSEC), a global security services provider, to implement innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology in their daily operations.

The goal was to increase the efficiency and accuracy of alarm filtering while reducing the workload of Tempest’s SOC operations. The move reflects Tempest’s commitment to innovation and quality while maintaining their reputation for providing high-reliability solutions to clients.

Tempest turned to InSupport – their main security infrastructure services partner to find the best-in-class AI-powered alarm filtering solution that helps to reduce security staff load, increase employee engagement and client service quality.

InSupport and Tempest conducted a 12-month field trial, testing multiple AI-powered alarm filtering products to find a reliable solution even in extreme weather conditions. After extensive testing, they chose U-Filter by Ultinous, a lightweight and scalable image-based processing technology that ensures enterprise-grade accuracy, even in bad weather conditions.

As Head of Sales at Tempest Security AB, Janne Rastas confirms U-Filter has proven to be up to three times more efficient than other products tested, enabling their security team to perform at their best without being tied to monitors all the time.


U-Filter proved to be up to three times more efficient in false alarm filtering than other solutions. We are using U-filter in sharp operation in our Alarm Receiving Centre and the efficiency we expected and hoped for is achieved. About 80% of the alarms we previously had to deal with are now filtered out. This empowers our team to perform at their best and focus on alarms that really matter.

Janne Rastas, Head of Sales Tempest Security Sverige AB.

The scalability of U-Filter allows Tempest to keep growing their business while maintaining operational costs at a stable level.

Tibold Balogh, CEO of Ultinous, expresses excitement in being selected by Tempest and InSupport, delivering innovative solutions that bring tangible benefits to partners and customers daily.

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