Mitigating Work Site Safety Hazards in Poor IT Conditions

Ultinous, in partnership with Network Optix, has successfully implemented intelligent video solutions with AI-based video analytics in rugged work environments like mines, solar parks, and construction sites.

These sites are often devoid of conventional IT infrastructure required to operate a video surveillance system. However, due to the high value assets and materials, they are at a high risk of intrusion, theft, and vandalism. Additionally, the nature of the work performed in these environments demands that workers’ safety be ensured.

Despite the importance of safety and security in such industrial settings, deploying security solutions can be challenging and often believed to be impossible due to the adverse weather conditions, high cost, and significant manpower required. However, in collaboration with NX Optix, we have successfully tackled this challenge by combining Ultinous’ Health & Safety features with NX’s VMS and AI platform (NVIDIA Jetson NX), creating a compact and powerful tool that does not require additional hardware.

Our solution uses the lightweight Nx Witness VMS, eliminating the need for massive servers, running on the NVIDIA Jetson NX that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Simple and easy-to-deploy IP cameras monitor the site, connected to the VMS. To empower the surveillance system with artificial intelligence-based features, the Ultinous AI Suite is integrated, enabling site managers to prevent accidents with features like PPE detection and hazardous area monitoring and detect accidents, such as falls, in real-time.

The system sends real-time notifications to operators when incidents occur, enabling them to take immediate action. The system is also suitable for forensic investigations as the NX Witness VMS not only captures but stores data. The Ultinous AI Suite structures this metadata (bookmarks, tags, etc.), making it searchable in seconds. Objects are classified according to their object type (vehicle, person, license plate) based on your needs.

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