with state-of-the-art AI-powered video analytics


Critical infrastructure sites are highly prone to being the subject of criminal activities such as vandalism, theft, poaching, loitering and trespassing. Any downtime in these facilities due to theft or vandalism will have immense social and economic costs. From a security perspective, these locations vary in terms of size, accessibility and function.

Challenges affecting critical infrastructure security

Security systems must meet strict operational requirements as well as fit into the companies’ budgets. Currently utilized surveillance equipment is quite often inadequate and lacks the capabilities to provide real-time alerts and capture crucial events. Radar-based or legacy detection systems generate numerous false alarms due to unusual movement of foliage, various weather conditions, animal movements and other miscellaneous non-critical events. To be able to protect these facilities efficiently, security teams need to have adequate solutions for remote and onsite surveillance. A high false alarm rate increases the security cost in alarm centers and during on-site investigation.


The security team responsible for protecting remote location sites can greatly benefit from the features and functionalities provided by U-Alarm, an AI-driven video analytics solution built specifically to solve the previously described challenges.

Highly sensitive perimeter protection

Detecting a person or vehicle stopping at a location where it is not usual

Monitor a defined area and trigger a loitering event

Detect if a person enters a predefined hazardous area


Trained using deep learning

Uses full body detection

Identifies humans hundreds of meters away

Provides automated and centralized surveillance

Drastically reduces false alarm rates

Provides real-time event notification

Provides support for all IP cameras

Case Study: Mitigating Work Site Safety Hazards in Poor IT Conditions

Ultinous in collaboration with Network Optix, has successfully implemented AI-based video solutions for harsh industrial environments like mines, solar parks, and construction sites. Despite the lack of traditional IT infrastructure, the solution is compact, powerful, and hassle-free, providing safety and security features for workers and assets in these rugged environments.

The system is also suitable for forensic investigations and provides real-time notifications to operators, enabling them to take immediate action.

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