At Ultinous, we understand the challenges that urbanization poses for city planners and governments in ensuring the safety and well-being of their citizens. With the majority of the world’s population projected to live in urban areas by 2050, it is crucial for cities to adopt smart technologies that can help them keep pace with these changes.

The Ultinous AI Suite is a comprehensive solution that covers safety, security, and video analytics needs of smart cities. Our integrated solution allows cities to save time, energy and money and to create more efficient and safe urban environments.

Let us show how.

Challenges affecting smart cities

As CCTV surveillance systems become increasingly ubiquitous, they are a valuable tool for cities looking to maintain safety and security. 

However, the manual review of footage can be time-consuming and subject to human error, limiting their effectiveness. Ultinous AI Suite offers an independent and cost-efficient solution that harnesses the power of smart video technology to help cities utilize their video data to the fullest extent. In a world where vast amounts of data are collected daily, it is vital that smart cities prioritize data protection. 

The Ultinous AI Suite provides flexible deployment options, with both on-premise and on-cloud options available to ensure secure data storage that meets all data protection requirements. 

Moreover, our privacy mask feature helps smart cities to maintain the privacy of their citizens and stay compliant with privacy laws.

Explore the Benefits of Ultinous AI Suite for Smart Cities


U-Alarm enhances city security by utilizing advanced real-time monitoring capabilities to identify and classify objects such as vehicles and persons of interest. It can detect zone-crossing to pedestrian-only and no-pedestrian zones, monitor crosswalks, parking spaces, and building occupancy. The system immediately alerts surveillance operators to any potential threats, triggering appropriate action from security personnel. Key features include multi-object classification, zone-crossing detection, intrusion detection, and privacy masking to ensure the privacy of citizens.


U-Safe offers real-time identification of both pedestrian and vehicle hotspots, allowing for the optimization of traffic flow to reduce congestion and improve safety. With the ability to detect vehicles moving in the wrong direction or parked in restricted areas, law enforcement agencies can take action to prevent collisions and ensure public safety. U-Safe’s advanced features, such as crowd detection, stopped object detection, and fall detection, enable real-time situational awareness and help prevent casualties, deaths, and injuries.


By leveraging U-Insight, infrastructure authorities and operators can extract valuable insights from video data that can inform future planning decisions. With the ability to render Big Data into meaningful visualizations, U-Insight empowers city agencies to make data-driven decisions about traffic management and public safety. For instance, U-Insight can help optimize public transportation or waste collection routes and schedules, leading to more efficient and sustainable urban environments.