"U-Filter proved to be three times more efficient in alarm filtering than other solutions"
Janne Rastas, Head of Sales Tempest Security Sverige AB


U-Filter uses AI to identify, classify and index a variety of objects that trigger alarms. Using an image-based alarm filtering, the application conducts video alarm verification and makes sure to forward only relevant camera events to operators. Reducing repeated false alerts allows security teams to focus their attention to real dangers. On top, U-Filter feeds structured data to visualisation tools. This way businesses can spot and analyse trends for their long-term security strategies.

Maximize event detection accuracy with U-Filter!


We designed U-Filter to amplify your surveillance capabilities in a lightweight, scalable, but powerful manner.

U-Filter uses image-based analytics that requires minimal bandwidth, allowing it to handle 100s of cameras through one single device. It is also an ideal solution for remote monitoring in environment where classical IT/ net work environment is not deployable, like forests or oil and gas pipelines in the desert.

U-Filter is independent from pre-existing video surveillance systems. With the ability to push alerts via email, U-Filter is a viable solution for legacy IP cameras. This empowers ARCs to serve clients with diverse video surveillance technologies.

For safety being at the heart of what we do, we provide availability for onsite or private cloud deployment. This grants control of data protection and GDPR-compliance for U-Filter partners.

Eleminate nuisance alarms and focus your attention on what really matters!

Case Study: Increasing Operational Efficiency At Tempest SOC

We have partnered with Tempest Security AB (Nasdaq:TSEC), a global security services provider, to enhance operational efficiency in their SOC. Following a 12-month field trial where multiple AI-driven alarm filtering solutions were tested, U-Filter emerged as the most efficient application.



U-Filter screens and analyses all alerts that the VMS receives. In a few seconds it filters out false alerts caused by for example weather or light conditions, animals or other small object movements. It returns only the relevant video frames to the VMS. Clients can also set-up email notifications. In this case the extracted video footage is also sent to the linked email address.


U-Filter is a valuable tool for preventing illegal activities, such as littering, deforestation or poaching. Our lightweight, image-based filtering technology allows for effective monitoring of human activities in hard-to-reach areas. This way U-Filter can assist in the enforcement of regulations and ensure that individuals who engage in illegal activities are held accountable.

Camera Compatibility

Our solutions offer compatibility with all major surveillance device types to enhance security capabilities without altering any major components of the surveillance infrastructure. The U-Filter application is able to receive and handle information from numerous sources, including, but not limited to: