Business Video Intelligence solution tailored to your business


U-Insight is Ultinous’ latest analytics software solution that helps enterprises to transform live or forensic visual data into business insights. Visualize them live with the industry leading BI applications, like Power BI, Google Data Studio or Tableau.

Use your existing cameras for live analytics like traffic and object counting, analyze special attributes of objects, get tracking info. Optimize your public transport system based on real time traffic and passenger data, improve your efficiency in your logistics hub by reducing operational bottlenecks with heat maps and mitigate risk by monitoring alert tendencies.

Our Forensic Data analytics tool enables you to create your own detector; get access to the latest appearance search, face recognition, free-text search and object detection models and combine them to open up new frontiers of data processing. Essential tool for law enforcement agencies, for video processing and agencies or consultancies for expanding their data analytics capabilities.


Live analytics

Traffic counting

Counts directional traffic of objects crossing an imaginary line.

Multi Object Counter

Counts persons or vehicles visible within a predefined area.

Metadata Export

Export video-surveillance data to your preferred business intelligence platform.

Real-time Insights

Monitor object class, counting information and traffic data on dynamic dashboards

Forensic Analytics

Forensic Video Analytics

Extracts historical video data for decision making, or to support criminal investigations.


Boost your efficiency with datasecurity in mind

U-Safe offers an extremely reliable and high level of accuracy when it comes to human detection and object classification. It can get an accurate reading on humans and objects even from hundreds of meters away and/or even under demanding circumstances such as various and uneven weather and light conditions.

Forensic Video Analytics

U-Insights’ Forensic Video Analytics tool is designed to handle large amounts of data with ease. Utilizing the latest indexing models for face, object and object attributes, as well as tracking and background analysis, this tool provides unparalleled accuracy and speed. With the ability to run custom queries, such as advanced appearance search, combined event search and free-text search, you can quickly and easily gather the information you need. Additionally, unique statistical data and tracking-based information can be accessed with just a few clicks.  U-Insight helps to uncover hidden insights and make informed decisions.