AI-driven health and safety management solution


The integration of AI technology into video analytics offers organizations a powerful tool to streamline their Health & Safety processes.

U-Safe provides a gateway to an extensive range of safety features that enable rapid and smart decisions in critical situations.

By automating the safety process, U-Safe empowers organizations to proactively identify and address potential hazards, ultimately leading to a safer environment.


PPE tracking

Monitors a defined area and alerts if a person not wearing proper safety equipment.

Fall detection

Monitors a defined area and alerts if a person has fallen and needs help.

Hazardous area

Detects if a person or vehicle enters a predefined hazardous area.

Privacy mask

Monitor workers’ safety without violating privacy rights.

Wrong direction

Detects if a person or a vehicle goes in a direction which is not allowed or unsafe.

Crowd detection

Measures the number of individuals or objects inside the Region of Interest.

Stopped object

Detects if a person or a vehicle stops at a location where it is not usual or unsafe.

Multi Object Counter

Counts persons or vehicles visible within a predefined area.


Accident & injury detection

Injuries and accidents can occur any moment, especially at construction areas, critical infrastructures or densely populated cities. Without a solid preventive and reactive safety strategy, these events can cummulate and become more severe. U-Safe keeps a watchful eye of each person within its view and issues an alarm in case of dangerous events, including: falls, people hit by an object or lying on the ground. The alarms are sent to the security team in real-time, ensuring an immediate response.

Hazardous ROI designations

Identifying and pinpointing the most dangerous work environments is crucial when it comes to injury mitigation. Define and establish Regions of Interest considered to be unsafe areas where the likelihood of injuries is the highest. U-Safe enables you to get notified of unauthorized entry to such areas by issuing an alert in real time when it detects anyone who attempts to reach the restricted area, or who is already trespassing.


AI-driven video analytics offer versatility when it comes to scheduling. Acting as a health and safety tool during working hours and as a security and surveillance system during the night, alarm scheduling allows U-Safe to perform different roles on the same camera infrastructure depending on security and safety needs. It acts as safety and personal protection equipment during daytime and as an intrusion detection system during the night.

Health & Safety Automation

If workplace safety is fundamental for you, U-Safe will meet your needs. U-Safe enables your organization to act instantly when hazardous events occur, by monitoring working environments and sending real-time alerts to your team. It can also activate a siren sound that directly warns people entering or approaching a danger-zone. What’s more it is also able to turn off machines to prevent accidents. With U-Safe, there’s no need for manual monitoring. It is an effective way to automate and improve workplace safety.

Scale as you grow

We provide solutions as modular systems optimized for the NVIDIA® Jetson™ -powered Edge platform. They can be extended step by-step-by simply installing another device into your system. This ensures that video analytics coverage grows along your facility’s size without asset replacement or addition.

VMS integration

While all our solutions can be used as standalone, they can also be integrated to a wide-range of VMS. This can further enhance the event detection and notification capabilities of your surveillence system. Our third-party integration solution include, but not limited to the Milestone XProtect, Genetec Security Center, Hanwha Wave and NX Witness VMS.