AI-driven health and safety management solution


The need for automation and immediate event handling in hazardous environments due to health and safety concerns is ever growing. As a solution many industries are now considering implementing AI-based health and safety measures to enhance their preventative and reactive capabilities.

U-Safe is meant to do just that.

U-Safe is part of Ultinous’s AI Suite and responsible for enabling organizations with AI-driven video analytics regarding health and safety related events, incidents and scenarios via access validation, Personal Protective Equipment tracking, injury detection and hazardous environment detection. Through AI-based technology, it provides all the necessary information for rapid decision making and preventative action.


Traffic counting

Counts directional traffic of objects crossing an imaginary line.

Hazardous area

Detects if a person or vehicle enters a predefined hazardous area.

PPE tracking

Monitors a defined area and alerts if a person not wearing proper safety equipment.

Stopped object

Detects if a person or a vehicle stops at a location where it is not usual or unsafe.

Wrong direction

Detects if a person or a vehicle goes in a direction which is not allowed or unsafe.

Fall detection

Monitors a defined area and alerts if a person has fallen and needs help.

Multi Object Counter

Counts persons or vehicles visible within a predefined area.

Multi object classification

Monitors a defined area and triggers alerts based on highly sensitive detection of objects (persons, vehicles) with very low false detection rate.

Privacy mask

Protect personal identity without missing any suspicous activity.

High accuracy

U-Safe offers an extremely reliable and high level of accuracy when it comes to human detection and object classification. It can get an accurate reading on humans and objects even from hundreds of meters away and/or even under demanding circumstances such as various and uneven weather and light conditions.

Access permissions

Lacking safety equipment in a hazardous work environment can easily lead to unintentional injuries or even more severe situations. By tracking and identifying the appropriate safety gear worn by the workers and the associated characteristics of the vehicles, U-Safe can determine in real-time if a person or vehicle in question is authorized or not to enter restricted zones.

Accident and injury detection

Unintentional injuries and accidents can occur at any moment. If they remain unattended it could lead to more severe scenarios. U-Safe keeps a constant watchful eye on each and every worker in its field of view. In the event of accidents which may involve a person falling, hit by an object or lying on the ground U-Safe can issue an alarm notifying the security teams of the event and will request an immediate response to ensure imminent and appropriate aid is on the way.

Hazardous ROI designations

Identifying and pinpointing the most dangerous work environments is crucial when it comes to injury mitigation. Define and establish Regions of Interest considered to be unsafe areas where the likelihood of injuries is the highest. U-Safe enables you to get notified of unauthorized entry to such areas by issuing an alert in real time when it detects anyone who attempts to reach the restricted area, or who is already trespassing.



AI-driven video analytics offer versatility when it comes to scheduling. Acting as a health and safety tool during working hours and as a security and surveillance system during the night, alarm scheduling allows U-Safe to perform different roles on the same camera infrastructure depending on security and safety needs. It acts as safety and personal protection equipment during daytime and as an intrusion detection system during the night.

Crowd detection and multi-object counting

Mitigating concerns and potential injuries associated with crowds and various types of moving object, U-Safe enables security personnel to have exact numbers regarding crowd sizes in monitored areas. Thresholds can be set up and used as indicators to generate alarms in case a crowd’s size exceeds safely manageable amounts. In addition, U-Safe provides enumerated measures and amounts on various object types including people.


Full body detection

In the heart of the system there are deep neural networks trained on millions of real-world images providing close to human-level visual perception. Each neural network is specialized for different use cases such as head detection, person detection, body pose, head pose, demographics, and mask detection.

Scale as you grow

We provide solutions as modular systems optimized for the NVIDIA® Jetson™ -powered Edge platform. They can be extended step by-step-by simply installing another device into your system. This ensures that video analytics coverage grows along your facility’s size without asset replacement or addition.


Camera Compatibility

We offer compatibility with fixed, thermal, PTZ and radar cameras, including ones equipped with night vision. Our solutions are compatible with all major surveillance device types to enhance security capabilities without altering any major components of the surveillance infrastructure.